100% automation: from production to loading and unloading trucks

Joloda and Trapo devise the best solution for you

Are trucks commuting back and forth between production and storage location?
With an automatic trailer loading and unloading system, you can reduce loading and unloading to approximately three minutes per cycle.
This results in quick turnaround and optimal usage of the trucks, leading to a reduction in the number of trucks to be used. It becomes even more attractive if the connection of the production lines to the automatic loading system is also fully automatic. It concerns full end-of-line automation.

Together with Joloda, the global market leader in automated loading and unloading solutions, we have realised several projects concerning full end-of-line automation. We create the perfect layout for each individual customer case and ensure the connection of production to the Joloda system.

For the connection we use our pallet conveyors or AGV’s in combination with a Trapo alignment station. An AGV deposits pallets with a small tolerance. This means that the pallets may be too far apart to be loaded automatically. Our alignment station aligns the pallets and places them seamlessly against each other. The video shows you some fragments from both connection options. It also shows some fragments from our solutions for tyre manufacturers. The use of transport racks for transporting the tires to the car manufacturers and returning the empty racks makes end-of-line automation for this specific branch particularly cost-effective. Want to know more? On our website we look at this in more detail in three individual cases:

Connecting production lines to loading systems with pallet conveyors

Connection of production lines to the loading system with AGVs in combination with Trapo forming station

100% end-of-line automation in the tyre industry