Connection production lines to loading system with pallet conveyors

For one of our jointly realized projects, Trapo pallet conveyors form the connection between the end of five production lines and the Joloda loading system. The products from these production lines are palletized and then are automatically moved to one of the three Joloda slipchain systems. After being loaded within 3 minutes, the dedicated slipchain trailers drive the 20km shuttle distance between the factory and the warehouse.

Two different pallet sizes are coming from the production: the Euro pallet and the block pallet. Every pallet has been given pallet data at the production line. The Trapo system uses this data together with a decision matrix to determine to which of the three Joloda slipchain systems the pallet must be transported.

This is a rather complex decision matrix: different pallet sizes can come from different production lines. To prevent a deadlock, four pallet stackers have been placed to stack the pallets on top of each other. A shuttle wagon moves between these four pallet stackers and the three Joloda slipchain systems. This makes it possible for the pallets to be transported from any pallet stacker – regardless of pallet type – to all three Joloda systems. For our customer, this means maximum flexibility.

The available width in the truck is 2,480 mm. To get the pallets seamlessly side by side, Trapo has made one of the shuttle wagon’s conveyors adjustable. If there are two pallets (or two stacks) on the shuttle wagon, this adjustable conveyor can bring the two pallets seamlessly together side by side. They are then delivered to the Joloda loading docks.

When the Joloda loading dock is full, the entire load can be loaded into the trailer in one go. The trailer is equipped with the same Joloda slipchain system, which is completely pneumatic especially for the trailer. An important advantage of this slipchain system is that the pallets can be placed seamlessly side by side , even without spaces between different pallet sizes (Euro and Blok). This means always a full trailer, automatically loaded in 3 minutes!

The direct connection of the production lines to the Trapo stackers, the Trapo pallet conveyors and the Joloda loading docks AND the rapid loading of the trailers resulted in a very large cost-reduction for our customer. The payback time was less than 2 years. Other benefits such as less damage and less unsafe situations (due to the traffic of forklift trucks) became immediately apparent.

As in many factories, lack of space was a major problem. Due to the design and technology of Trapo and Joloda, the customer has been able to realize the optimal “outbound process”, that can directly handle the increased production volumes!