Robot grippers

Development of (multifunctional) robot grippers is one of our specialisms. We equip your robot system with a gripper that is developed especially for your product.

Our grippers are suitable for picking up and placing:

  • bags
  • boxes
  • pallets
  • trays
  • crates
  • cans
  • buckets
  • rolls
  • tyres
  • rims
  • specials
  • slip sheets
  • combinations of the above products

Multi-functional gripper

Do you have a change of product on your production line? If possible, we will develop a multi-functional gripper that makes changing the gripper unnecessary. For example, we have developed a gripper that can pick up bags, boxes, buckets, pallets and sheets. Efficient and economic.

Picking methods

Depending on the shape, fragility and weight of your product, we use one of the following methods for picking:

  • vacuum
  • magnetism
  • clamps
  • thorn gripper
  • slide off