Pick & Place systems

Industrial robots for Pick & Place

Our Pick & Place systems are particularly suitable for optimising your production process or packaging line(s). Is the repetitive picking and/or packaging of products part of your production process? With our Pick & Place solutions, this is done automatically, quickly, and without errors, irrespective of the shape or weight of your products. The result is an increase in your production capacity and a qualitatively better production process.

With a Pick & Place installation, it is also possible to remove products that do not meet the quality specifications.

Picking technique

We develop a gripper especially for your product, and then choose the ideal picking technique. Bags, boxes, crates, cans, buckets, unpacked products, foil rolls and more: our robotics applications can do anything.


Packing products into a box or crate for example, individually or several at the same time: our packing solutions are varied and innovative.