Within logistics and production processes, employees still carry out many operations manually that are physically heavily taxing and / or performed under dangerous circumstances. Possibly not what you expect, but the majority of these types of operations are indeed eligible for automation.

Because it doesn’t concern standard operations, the solution we come up with for you often requires some form of customisation. Specially designed for your product and/or specific situation within the process. In doing so we use industrial robots.

To give you an impression of what we can do for you, here are a few examples:

  • Infeed of steel roof plates into a chain system to paint and to dry, after drying taking the plates out, label and finally palletize.
  • Assembling Octabins (boxes in the size of a pallet) in different sizes and designs.
  • Control and taking up foil rolls varying in both dimension and weight and application of a code or label in the core of the foil roll.
  • Take out plastic parts from injection molding machines.
  • Stacking and unstacking of crates.
  • The assembly and strapping of bundles aluminium canisters.
  • Loading box erectors, if desired with different flat boxes.
  • The accurate and flexible application of labels to products of pallet loads.
  • Stacking, transferring and / or buffering pallets of pallet parts. Think of bobbins, top or bottom decks and loose shelves.