OTTO AMRs & Fleet Manager: distinctive features

The OTTO AMRs and the associated Fleet Manager outperform other AMRs and management software on several points: added value for our clients. That is why we have included the OTTO AMRs in our program. Below and on the next page you will find the distinctive features.

Distinctive features OTTO AMRs

  • The AMR is available as a platform vehicle and as a forklift. There are different versions, suitable for transport of loads from approximately 100 kg up to and including 1900 kg.
  • The AMR outperforms all AMRs in terms of speed and manoeuvrability. To illustrate: the OTTO 1500 transports a load of 1900 kg with a top speed of 2 m/s.
  • With 360° visibility, the AMR can safely corner at a higher speed.
  • The AMRs have a robust, all-metal body.
  • The smart design ensures easy accessibility of the parts for maintenance.
  • An AMR is not only equipped with safety sensors, but also with a 3D camera to determine the position and dimensions of (moving) objects in its environment very accurately.
  • The use of fast chargers translates into a very favourable driving time/charging time ratio.

Distinctive features OTTO Fleet Manager

  • In addition to the location and assigned task, the Fleet Manager receives information about the battery status of each AMR and ensures that charging is as efficient as possible using as few chargers as possible. If an AMR has no task for a while, it is sent to the fast charger.
  • The Fleet Manager keeps various statistics of each AMR, including working times and distance travelled. If an AMR does not meet a certain criterion – for example, performing a task takes too long – the Fleet Manager sends a message with log data to determine the cause and prevent a malfunction.
  • The AMRs are becoming increasingly efficient through the application of artificial intelligence. Because AMRs operate from the centrally controlled and shared map, they ‘learn’ from each other. A newly added AMR is operational within minutes; linking to the Fleet Manager is sufficient. Exchanging AMRs can be done quickly, easily and without disrupting productivity.
  • The Fleet Manager manages the central map and receives possible updates, after which the most recent version can be shared with all connected AMRs.
  • The Fleet Manager is suitable for managing more than 100 AMRs.
  • Customization is not necessary for many software links; they are available as standard, which means a reduction in costs.