Conveying components food industry

The production of food products is subject to very strict hygienic requirements. Food safety, quality and the prevention of food contamination are central issues.
The requirements and guidelines of ‘hygienic design’ apply to the systems in the production process. Some examples: the components must have a smooth, non-absorbent and as compact as possible surface. When designing the system, the formation of corners, holes and hollow spaces should be avoided as much as possible to prevent the accumulation of dirt.

The entire installation, i.e. the individual mechanical parts, all cables, connections, and so on, must be able to be cleaned and inspected well and easily. One last example: all materials and components used, must be resistant to cleaning with aggressive cleaning and disinfecting agents, steam and high-pressure water.

Hygienic design is not limited to the parts in direct contact with food. It is about the system and the immediate surroundings as a whole. This requires – in addition to special components – a different perspective when designing the system. You can come to us for both. At the bottom of this page, you will find photos of a selection of our total range of conveying components for the food industry.

Two important aspects of safe, hygienic food production are regular inspection and regular preventive maintenance of your system. This prevents, for example, wear and tear from going unnoticed and becoming a source of contamination. You can also come to us for inspection and maintenance of your system.