SCADA & MES software

SCADA visualises your production

Your complete installation in one clear view on your screen: with SCADA, you can fully visualise your production process and machine productivity. This enables you to not only monitor production from your screen, but also control it via your mouse and keyboard or touchscreen.

MES as an intermediate layer

ERP integrates the automatic handling of logistic, administrative and financial business processes into one information and management system. This enormous amount of data makes ERP slow. As a result, ERP is not suitable for providing the fast production process with information at decision points. Milliseconds are required for this. You can solve this by using an MES system as an intermediate layer.

MES: real-time data processing

An MES system keeps track of all the production information and receives data from robots, employees and machine monitors. However, MES only contains data relevant to the production process at a particular moment in time: real-time data. MES processes this minimum amount of data quickly. This makes MES suitable for data provision during the decision points of a production process.

MES makes customer-controlled orders possible: your production only starts when there is a demand. This way you can keep your stock as low as possible and thus save costs.

SCADA & MES side by side

To illustrate: on your PC screen you see that line 4 has a fault. You zoom in on line 4 and see that machine A has stopped working. You can click on the visualised on/off switch to switch machine A off. SCADA makes this possible.

MES collects and processes information about the fault (line 4, machine A, date, duration of stoppage, etc.). In addition, MES links this information back to ERP.