100% end of line automation in the tire industry

In the tire industry steel transport racks are widely used. There are different stacking patterns, among which a roof tile- like structure. The racks are used for internal storage and external transport from the tire manufacturer to the car manufacturer. These racks eventually also have to be returned to the tire factory. This results in a high volume shuttle operation, ideal for full automation of all processes!

Trapo has designed a solution in which robots fill the racks with tires. These robots drive on their own track along several racks whereby in each rack a different type of tire must be stacked. The different tires can therefore be offered randomly to the robots. The tires are not only stacked sorted in the racks, but various checks are also carried out before they are stacked.

The racks are offered to the Joloda loading dock via conveyors or by using AGVs. This loading dock is equipped with two telescopic forks, which are pneumatically lifting a complete load of racks. This so-called Joloda Trailerskate solution automatically loads full racks or unloads empty racks within 3 minutes!

Yet another good example of how the collaboration between Joloda and Trapo leads to 100% end of line automation. Organising your production process in such a way that there are really no hands involved anymore, it is possible!