GANTRO palletiser

To palletize your products directly behind your production line we developed the GANTRO palletiser. Our GANTRO palletiser is a user-friendly, compact gantry robot. The system is fully standardized, equipped with software we developed ourselves and easy to operate via a touchscreen.

Standard GANTRO palletiser version

The standard version of the GANTRO palletiser consists of the following components:

  • 1 motorised pick point
  • 1 standard gripper for boxes or bags
  • 1 palletising position on the floor
  • 5 pre-programmed stacking patterns
  • Control based on industrial PC with touchscreen
  • Safety guards

Expansion of the standard GANTRO palletiser configuration

You can expand the standard GANTRO palletiser configuration with multiple pick-up points, multiple palletising positions, pallet handling and a sheet dispenser. In addition, you can create and add new stacking patterns yourself with our PSD software.

After a short training, you are able to make maximum use of the GANTRO palletiser without further assistance.