About Trapo

As a system integrator we deliver complete logistics solutions. This is based on stationary transport, robotics and industrial automation components. We ensure the most effective layout for production, packaging and shipping departments.

From design to maintenance of a delivered installation: with us you will find all disciplines under one roof.

The commitment and flexible working attitude of our close team ensures a quick response to your request. To get you on track with the best possible solution as fast as we can: this is what we all go for.

We strive to create the most optimal production process for you with as most important pillars far-reaching robotisation and automation, innovation and quality. We listen to your wishes and requirements. Moreover, we not only look at the here and now, but also at your future.
We design our systems so they are able to grow with your output capacity. The result: an installation that adds value for years.

In the solution we develop for you we use as many standard components as possible and we add tailor-made parts where necessary. Innovative, reliable and years of added value: this is what you can and should expect from a Trapo installation.