Autonomous Mobile Robot: the smartest and most flexible mode of transport

The Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) transports a few boxes to complete pallets between your installed (conveying) systems in a flexible, efficient and smart way. AMRs use a map that is stored centrally in a Fleet manager or in their own memory. Depending on the brand, an AMR uses lasers, 3D cameras and/or safety sensors to analyse its environment and determine the most efficient route in real time, bypassing any obstacles. All this happens without a driver, without cabling and without a fixed, predetermined path. The dynamic and independent mobility makes an AMR very flexible and usable in multiple applications, depending on supply and demand. The autonomous driving capabilities combined with advanced safety sensors make it safe for your employees to work next to and with the AMRs.

AMR versions

The AMRs are available in different versions, allowing transport of loads from about 60 kg up to about 1500 kg. This makes the AMR versatile. The required load bearing capacity, the distance(s) to be covered and the way in which products or materials are placed on and removed from the AMR partly determine the choice for one of the AMRs. Via a module on top of a platform vehicle, it is possible to have an AMR perform additional actions. This module is also available in various versions, for example with a conveyor or lift system. We can also tailor the module completely, specifically for your product and/or situation.

To give you an idea: if an AMR has to pick up a pallet, we will build a pallet roller conveyor and/or lifting system on it. A cobot on top of an AMR makes it flexibly deployable; this way the cobot can perform tasks at several locations.

Fleet manager: AMR fleet management software

With so-called Fleetmanager software you can manage your entire AMR fleet from one central point and connect it to the central, shared map. The Fleet Manager continuously receives data from the connected AMRs and shows the real-time location and assigned task of each AMR. Based on this information, the Fleet Manager distributes the from different systems incoming pick-up and delivery tasks as efficiently as possible. It is also possible to impose all kinds of traffic rules on the AMRs via the Fleet Manager, including a speed limit for a certain area, or an access ban for part of your work floor.

Integration with software, applications and other uses

We offer you various solutions for the integration of the AMRs, regardless of the complexity. Among other things, you can think of routes to be taken, or of the communication between the Fleet Manager and the relevant systems. It is possible to have an operator control the AMR via a web page that can be accessed with a smartphone, tablet or PC. Another option is fully automated control (software enhanced) from an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Warehouse Management System (WMS) or Manufacturing Execution System (MES). Integration into already existing processes is also possible.


Both AMRs and Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) can be used on the work floor for load transportation. The main difference is in the navigation method. An AGV uses sensors, for example, to follow reflectors along the route, a line on or a cable in the floor. An AGV cannot deviate from this predetermined, fixed route and can therefore not be used flexibly. When an obstacle is detected on the route, an AGV will stop, but it will not be able to navigate around it; he stands still until his way is clear again. An AMR, on the other hand, uses a map and analyses the environment using lasers, 3D cameras and/or safety sensors to determine the most efficient route in real time, avoiding any obstacles.



AMR brands/suppliers

We can integrate AMRs from different suppliers in our solutions. Any AMRs already present on the work floor, your specific brand preference, tasks that the AMR will perform, your specific situation: all these things influence the choice of a particular AMR brand.

In addition, we have chosen to include the OTTO AMRs in our program as a Value Added Reseller of the Canadian OTTO Motors. That is not without reason. OTTO AMRs distinguish themselves from most other AMRs in a number of important points, such as speed and intelligence. For more information see the page OTTO AMRs & Fleet Manager: distinctive features.