100% end of line automation via connecting production lines to loading system with AGVs

If the production lines are further apart or your passages are not wide enough for stationary Trapo pallet conveyors, then connecting your lines to the Joloda loading system with an AGV is also an option. However, an AGV places the pallets with a small tolerance. This means there is a chance that the pallets are too far apart to be loaded.

Trapo has come up with a solution for this. The AGV places the pallets on a Trapo alignment station. This station aligns the pallets and places them seamlessly side by side. Whether it is twice a block pallet Long Side Leading, or three times and Europallet Short Side Leading, it does not matter. Once the pallets are standing against each other and have been aligned, a contour check is carried out. If the pallet pair has the correct size, they will be handed over to a Joloda loading dock. If this is not the case, the pair is delivered to a reject conveyor.

If the full load is on the Joloda loading dock, the truck will be automatically loaded within 3 minutes.