Product recognition with vision

For product control and product recognition, we apply 2D and 3D vision camera technology. Even if the capacity is very high and/or in combination with a robot configuration.

Vision & (de)palletising

The product’s positioning on the infeed conveyor or on the pallet takes place in a robot cell by using the data form a 2D or 3D (smart) camera. This product can then be picked correctly. Depalletising a pallet with different product formats is also possible using this technology.

Vision & quality control

Certain characteristics of the product on the conveyor (such as dimensions or imprint) are mapped with the data from a 2D or 3D (smart) camera. A comparison is made with an image of the product that meets the requirements stored in the system memory. By using this optical quality control, you can remove products with irregularities from the line.