Turnkey solutions

From the design of your system up to and including commissioning, as well as project management of the entire project and after delivery and assembly, also maintenance: that is the convenience of a Trapo turnkey solution.

We deliver a complete system. We can purchase machines and / or components that we do not produce ourselves from third parties and integrate them into the line. Choosing certain machines / components is always done in consultation with you. Are certain components already available in your company or do you prefer to purchase them yourself? We then also integrate them into the line if desired.

With us, the electrical control, the link with the above software and training of your staff belong to a complete system.

After delivery and assembly you have a system that is ready for use. We then put the installation into operation together with you. You can also count on us afterwards. We maintain your installation and in the event of a malfunction and / or calamity we offer you fast and adequate service. We are happy to make a customized proposal for maintenance, based on your specific situation and any additional wishes and requirements.

An installation for your entire production process

The Trapo system takes over your products, unpacked or from the primary packaging up to and including palletizing.

Some examples of our options:

A turnkey solution from Trapo, your benefits:

  • You have a single point of contact during the life of your installation.
  • With us you will find all disciplines under one roof.
  • We take care of the project management; saving you time and costs.
  • After delivery and assembly, your installation is immediately ready for use.
  • After commissioning, you also can count on us for maintenance and service.

Drawings complete system

To give you an idea of how a complete system may look like, you will find both the 2D and the 3D drawing of such a system below. Move your mouse over one of the components highlighted in purple to see what it is. In case of a touchscreen you hold the component with your stylus touch pen or your finger and move slightly to a random side until the description shows up. If you click or tap on a component, the page off the corresponding (main) topic will open.

An overview of the purple highlighted components can be found below the drawings. Click on a item to open the page of the (corresponding main) topic.

2D drawing

3D drawing