Trapo handling solutions: robotization of unique, complex operations

Within the logistics and production processes, it is often the unique, complex operations that employees still carry out manually. This usually means physically demanding work and/or work to carry out under dangerous conditions. Our handling solutions for robotizing these unique, complex operations lead to better working conditions and more efficient processes.

Because it does not concern standard operations, the solution we devise usually requires innovative customisation. Specially designed for the product and/or specific situation within the process.

In the video below you can see fragments of some of our solutions for robotizing unique, complex operations, namely:

  • Assembling octabins (boxes in the size of a pallet) in different sizes and designs.
  • Infeed of steel roof plates into a chain system to paint and to dry, after drying taking the plates out, label and finally palletize.
  • Folding out and locking the sides of a 65 kg plastic box in which, among other things, sensors in the robot gripper determine which side is on top and therefore has to be opened first. The robot brings the sides in a vertical position.
  • The assembly and strapping of bundles aluminium canisters.

Our solutions for pallet handling and for handling of (film) rolls are two other examples of robotizing unique, complex operations. You can find a video of both in a previously posted news item:
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Click here for the news item about our solutions for handling of (film) rolls.

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