Trapo solutions for handling of (film) rolls

Trapo developed solutions for conveying and palletising film rolls and the operations surrounding this process for several issues from the film industry.

After the film has been wound up on rolls, the Trapo system takes over the rolls. It is checked whether the film has been neatly cut and whether it is properly wrapped around the tube. The tube, dimensions and weight are also checked. Finally, of each roll, the inside of the tube is provided with a barcode or 2D code. The rolls are then picked up with a mandrel via the tube and are palletised in upright or horizontal position.

There are various options for protecting the rolls against transport damage during delivery. For example, we can pack the rolls in a box or sleeve. Another option is to place cardboard dividers on the pallet during palletising, so that the rolls on one layer do not touch each other. Usually a pallet wrapper and a pallet labeller form the final part of the process; the foil wrap around the pallet stabilizes and protects the load and the pallet label provides the necessary logistics information for storage and distribution.

The video gives an impression of our possibilities.

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