Speed up product handling? Full layer (de)palletising!

A high (production) capacity? Our solution, in which a robot palletiser places a full layer on the pallet or picks it off the pallet at once, enables fast product handling.

First, the products are formed into a full layer according to a predetermined pattern. Subsequently, transit to the pick position takes place. To design the patterns and the stacking method on the pallet (which pattern on which layer), we use our self-written Trapo Pallet Stacking Design software.

Forming the products into a full layer can be realized in a conventional way or by using a formation robot.
If it concerns the production of products with exactly the same width, length and height for a longer period of time, the layers can be composed according to a fixed pattern. By using a number of standard components – the conventional way – we can realize the formation of the layers according to this fixed pattern.

Are there many products with different dimensions, making a high degree of flexibility and fast switching requirements? Then the robot palletiser in combination with a formation robot offers the solution. Depending on the products to be handled and the variation of the associated dimensions, there are several patterns for the composition of the layers. A formation robot can quickly switch between these different patterns.

In case of full layer depalletising, the robot palletiser picks up the layer from the pallet at once and places it for example on a conveyor for further processing.

Watch the video for some examples. Want to know more? Contact us!

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