Trapo solutions for palletising & pallet transport

Looking for a solution for palletising your products and/or pallet transport? To give you an impression of what Trapo can offer you, we have chosen one installation from all our completed projects for this video. Below is a description.

Our client produces several products that are conveyed – packed in boxes – to the palletising installation at height. Each production line is assigned to its own palletising position at one of the five robot palletisers. Each robot has one or two palletising positions. To achieve the desired capacity, the boxes are picked up per row. The rows are formed at the pick point. If required by the stacking pattern, the boxes can be turned on a turnstile. When the row is complete, the row is transferred to the robot. The robot picks up the row of boxes in one go and places them on the pallet according to the selected stacking pattern.

The two-position robot is able to process a different box size, according to a different stacking pattern and a different pallet size in both positions. With the specially developed gripper it is possible to alternately palletize the different box sizes at both palletizing positions.

When a pallet is ready, it is conveyed to the buffer position to make room for the next empty pallet. As soon as the second pallet is ready, they are conveyed together, via a double shuttle wagon, to one of the two foil wrappers. The wrapped pallets then pass through a pressing unit. After the first pressing, the pallet is rotated a quarter turn and pressed again.

This is just one example of the many possibilities Trapo has to offer in the field of palletising, pallet handling and pallet transport. Interested? Call or email us and present your issue to us!