Trapo official Value Added Reseller OTTO Motors

Since September 29, we are an official Value Added Reseller of the Canadian OTTO Motors. For this, we have signed a VAR agreement with Romias Robotics. Romias represents OTTO Motors on the European market and imports their products. By signing the agreement, we have also become a member of the OTTO Motors European System Integrator Network. All this means that we may integrate the products of OTTO Motors – including their Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs, the new generation of AGVs) – into our solutions. We look forward to extend our collaboration with Romias and OTTO Motors!

Now integration of AMRs in our solutions is also possible, we have even more to offer our customers when it comes to further robotizing and automating their (production) process. Would you like to explore your options with us? Contact us, we are happy to tell you more!