Trapo gantry systems

Trapo gantry systems efficiently and accurately position products weighing from a few to hundreds of kilograms with linear movements. The weight and dimensions of the products to be processed and the available space are the starting points of a fully customized system. Our gantry systems can be executed with a single axis or with multiple axes (for a higher capacity) within the same gantry.

We use our gantry systems for:

  • Palletising products at multiple positions within the gantry system.
  • Handling of products with such different dimensions that processing by an articulated robot is not possible.
  • Solutions of which the working range is too large for an articulated robot.

Our larger gantry systems

Some examples of applications with our larger gantry systems can be found below. Click on the photo for a larger view.

  Gantry systems
Positioning of order bins in order of delivery route.   Palletize products from multiple production lines within 1 portal.
  Palletiseren afgevulde 600 liter vaten
Stacking of insulated panels with a width of 1100 mm, varying in length from 2500 to 12000 mm and a maximum weight of 120 kg per panel.   Palletizing of filled 200 liter drums.


More information and photos can be found here.

GANTRO palletiser: our compact gantry robot

We developed our GANTRO palletiser for palletizing products directly behind the production line. The GANTRO is a compact gantry robot and takes up a minimum of m2 of your work floor. With our self-written software, the GANTRO is extremely easy to operate via a touchscreen. The user can create and add stacking patterns himself with Trapo Pallet Stacking Design software. After a short training, our GANTRO palletiser can be used to a maximum without further assistance.

Below are two examples of an application with our GANTRO. Click on a photo for a larger view.​

GANTRO palletiser

For more information about the standard version and the expansion options of our GANTRO and / or more photos, please click here.