ROBOTIC CASE PACKING I: packing boxes automatically

One of our customers came to us for a solution for automatically packing the boxes coming from 7 production lines. The boxes to be processed all have the same base size and come in two heights. The capacity per line varies between 22 and 28 units per minute. A part of the boxes is packed in cellophane; the other part is not. For the latter part, the challenge was to ensure that the boxes remained closed.

Process description
The process for which the installation is designed contains the following elements:

  • providing the boxes with a barcode label
  • accumulation of the boxes in a buffer including transport to and from the buffer
  • checking and counting the boxes
  • packing the boxes

The solution

Directly behind the end of the lines our installation provides the boxes with a barcode label and brings them at height via our spiral conveyors. There the boxes are stored in a buffer. If a outer box filling is present in the buffer, this quantity is released and transported to the Case Packer. A outer box filling consists of 20 or 40 units.

Before the Case Packer, the boxes pass a barcode reader: by reading out the barcodes on the previously applied labels, a check and counting takes place. The Case Packer then places the boxes in the outer box. The outer box is automatically closed and finally labeled.