Innovative solutions for logistics service providers

You can also come to us for an innovative solution to (further) robotize and automate your logistics processes.

For one of our relations, a logistics service provider, two buildings at a distance of 30 meters from each other were connected by a pallet bridge at a height of more than six meters. The aim was to significantly speed up the conveying of pallets and dollies from one building to another and vice versa by automating the process. We have supplied the turnkey conveying solution.

The challenges in developing the system were mainly to convey both pallets and dollies using the same conveyors and using existing internal transport components (hand pallet trucks) for the infeed and outfeed. Conveying takes place simultaneously in both directions via a double conveying system. There are two lifts at both ends of the bridge to lift and lower the pallets and dollies. Electric pallet trucks with extended forks are used for the infeed and outfeed of the pallets / dollies. These pallet trucks can simultaneously pick up or drop off two pallets or four dollies longitudinally.

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This is just an example of a solution for an issue originating from the logistics sector. We have much more to offer you. Interested? Contact us and tell us about your challenging issues!
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