Handling: an example from practice

Part of the logistics and production processes is already automatic. However, there are many non-standard operations which are still performed manually. Such operations are often physically demanding and / or performed under hazardous conditions. It may not be what you expect, but the majority of these types of operations are eligible for robotization and automation. The solutions we devise for this often require innovative customization.

The example from practice

Folding out and securing the sides of a 65 kg plastic box is a good example of robotization of a physically demanding and difficult operation. One of our customers wanted to fully automate this operation.

Below a brief description of the steps in the process:

  1. The folded boxes are offered stacked per seven pieces. Using a destacker, the boxes are transported individually within the working area of the robot.
  2. Cover present / not present: if there is a cover (recognition out of the robot gripper), the robot stacks the cover at a predetermined location in the robot’s working area.
  3. Control: with sensors in the robot gripper, it is determined which side is on top and therefore has to be opened first. The robot brings the sides in a vertical position.
  4. A pneumatic control will be done to determine whether the box has been opened completely and / or the sides have been locked.
  5. If there are no error indications: the box is now ready and waits on demand.

The products

  • Plastic boxes without or with cover, folded, delivered on stacks, 7 boxes high.
  • Folded dimensions L 1.210 x W 1.120 x H 370 mm
  • Dimensions folded out L 1.210 x W 1.120 x H 1.300 mm
  • Weight 65 kg
  • Capacity 60 boxes / hour (cycle time 60 sec.)