Chain conveyor system Carryline in practice: enormous possibilities

Of course we cannot solve all requests related to internal conveyance of products with our Carryline system. But A LOT. To illustrate, we have selected one of our many cases for you. Vertical conveyance by using spirals, conveying over greater distances, ascending, descending and through bends. Loads from 200 grams for the primary packages, up to 25 kg for the secondary packages. Accumulation of secondary packages in a conditioned area (-28ºC) and then the conveying of these packages by full pallet load to the palletiser.

Carryline chain conveyor system for producer of deep-frozen products

A producer of deep-frozen products was looking for a solution to convey eight different consumer packages from the production to a central positioned packaging department at a mezzanine.

The floor area of the production department is limited. Therefore it was decided to bring the primary package at height via spiral conveyors and then transport them to the Case Packers at the packing department. The packing department is on a mezzanine. This way, the available area is used optimally.

To bring together a pallet load, a number of Carryline conveyors (for accumulation) have been mounted at height in the conditioned (-28⁰C) area. With intelligent software, an available conveyor is automatically selected for one of the eight products coming from the case packing area.

Once a complete load has been accumulated, the access to this conveyor is closed by the software. After calling off the entire pallet load to have it palletized, the released Carryline conveyor returns into the system. It is immediately available again for allocation to accumulate a next pallet load. The allocation is random.

Palletizing takes place outside the conditioned area. However, immediately after palletizing and applying a label, the finished pallet returns into the conditioned area. The storage of finished pallets is located underneath the conveyors used for accumulation.

Our Carryline system turned out to be extremely suitable for this project, both for consumer packages and for secondary packages.

The following components belong to the total installation:

  1. bring at height primary packages via spiral conveyors
  2. transport to the packaging department, Carryline conveyors over a greater distance
  3. packing by using Case Packers
  4. applying labels to secondary packages and bulk packages
  5. accumulate the secondary packages up to a pallet load in a conditioned area with a temperature of -28ºC
  6. report a pallet load as ready and then calling it of for palletizing
  7. transport of the complete pallet load to the palletiser
  8. palletizing
  9. apply labels to pallets
  10. return transport of the completed pallet into the conditioned area
  11. electrical control at PLC level
  12. PC software for fully automatic completion of the process
  13. mounting and commissioning
  14. training and instruction

We were able to apply our Carryline system for positions 1,2,5 and 7. The Case Packers and the palletiser are also part of our total installation.