Carryline: an extremely flexible modular chain conveyor system

Carryline is an important modular chain conveyor system suitable for conveying all kinds of dimensionally stable products. Transport horizontally, up, down, over a short or longer distance, making a crossing or a bend: almost everything is possible.

The basis of the system consists of a large number of standard components. The system is available in five widths and the chains are available in many different designs.

The Carryline installations are made of anodized aluminium or stainless steel with chains of the highest quality plastic. Lubrication of the chains is not necessary. This makes the aluminium chain conveyor system suitable for high-demand environments such as in the pharmaceutical industry. The profiles of stainless steel are mainly designed for the food industry with its specific and strict hygiene requirements. These profiles are also suitable for application of conveyors in wet environments.

The modular design of the Carryline program is intended to build solutions with standard components in a short period. However, situations regularly arise in which the standard does not provide a solution. Does this also apply to you? Where necessary, we customise the solution for your product and/or specific situation.

Watch the video below for some of our Carryline solutions. Click here to see pictures of our Carryline-solutions.