A Trapo turnkey conveying solution

Transport of pallets and dollies via a pallet bridge between 2 logistics locations

For one of our relations, a logistics and chain management company, a pallet bridge at height has been developed for the transport of pallets and dollies between two separate logistics buildings. The distance of 30 meters between the two buildings is bridged at a height of more than 6 meters. In close consultation with the end user, the architect and the builder, Trapo provided the turnkey conveying solution for pallets and dollies in both directions.

The challenges in developing the system were mainly the transport of both pallets and dollies using the same conveyors and using existing internal conveying components (pallet trucks) for the infeed and outfeed.

Transportation takes place in both directions via a double conveying system. There are two lifts for vertical conveying at both ends of the pallet bridge. Electric pallet trucks with extended forks are used for the infeed and outfeed of the pallets / dollies. These pallet trucks can simultaneously pick up or drop off two pallets or four dollies longitudinally.

The transportation of the pallets or dollies between both locations takes only a few minutes; the conveying time is thus considerably shortened. The installation has a capacity of 100 pallets or 150 dollies per hour.

Our turnkey solution includes:

  • design of the conveying installation
  • production, purchase, integration of mechanical parts
  • the installation consists of chain conveyors, elevators and special input and output conveyors
  • a risk analysis: the safety of the installation fully complies with the CE directives
  • electrical control and (link with above) software
  • delivery, assembly and commissioning of the system
  • training and education of the operating staff
  • preventive maintenance of the system (maintenance contract concluded)

Trapo is your partner for a complete solution. The result? A turnkey installation devised specifically for your situation, ready for immediate use!

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